Innovative in Integrated Information technology Solutions, developing the project life cycle including, design, procurements, supply, implementation, testing, support, and maintenance. the same services are provided in telecom sector, Banking Solutions, Database Services, Web hosting & Email services, Videoconferencing, Security Solutions, Disaster Recovery Solutions, Oil and Gas Solutions & a lot more.

Civil Work

Design, Supply, and Construction for the datacenter building, raised flour, false ceiling, lighting systems, dust proof, and even anti-bullet and explosion proof doors and windows. ...

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Network Solutions

The company provides design implementation, testing, maintenance and technical support services in the field of networking for small and medium-sized and large Enterprise, according to global standards and international standards, through strong partnership with global companies such ass Cisco - IBM - Microsoft - VmWare Through outstanding partnership with Cisco, leading global networking technologies, the company built the highest qualified staff to design and implement networks that m...

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Integrated Computerized Banking System

Through partnership with consulting firm of ICBS management specialist all banking operations and based on Oracle databases. And supports all banking operations modern and sophisticated illustrated it. ...

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Polycom Video & Audio solutions

infrastructure, based on open standards. This technology enabled the Enterprise employees to meet without any boundaries for geo-located and office tied meetings. Testimonials provides facts that this technology saves money, efforts, security and risks, yet it is faster and more reliable compared to face-to-face meetings. This technology serve and widely used in E-Learning, Telemedicine, TV & Satellite channels, remote support services, and many other services. VTC supports more reliable communication and collaboration Experience over traditional Email, and Phone services. ...

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  • Design and Programming

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