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ADC - Engineering Consulting (Design - Audit , Supervision)

Engineering Consulting (Design - Audit , Supervision)

  - Make the designs and drawings, the required technical
    specifications of the materials/goods,  bill of quantities,

    calculating the costs (budgeting) of the projects which should
    be in conformity with the Iraqi and International engineering
   standards and specifications.

- Make complete study on the present and future requirements
   of the client which the designs and drawings of the project

   will be made accordingly , after making the Gap Analysis,
 - Make the audit on all the designs and drawings, technical

   specifications, bill of quantities, calculating the costs
   (budgeting) of the projects.

- Make supervision on the projects by our experienced 

   engineers to make sure the project is executed according to
   the scope of work and the terms & conditions of the agreed
   and signed contract, and to make sure the quality of the work

   is according to the standards and specifications and drawings

   of the contract agreed upon.

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