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ADC - Consulting


Legal Consulting & Services

- Organizing tenders in terms of legal, commercial, financial and technical assistance to government, institutions, organizations and private   companies. - Providing legal and consulting services for projects, companies and natural persons inside and outside, Iraq. - Preparation of advisory and legal studies that contribute to develop the work of private and public, institutions and projects as well as legal   cases of individuals. ...

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Engineering Consulting (Design - Audit , Supervision)

  - Make the designs and drawings, the required technical     specifications of the materials/goods,  bill of quantities,     calculating the costs (budgeting) of the projects which should     be in conformity with the Iraqi and International engineering    standards and specifications. - Make complete study on the present and future requirements    of the client w...

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Economic Consulting

- Conducting Technical and Economic    feasibility studies, return on invested    capital, and surveys for businesses,    government and private institutions.     ...

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Financial Consulting

- Conducting annual budget review and financial    analysis for companies and public and private    institutions. Our extensive knowledge and experience provide us with the right tools and skills to achieve high-quality results for our clients. ...

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